I love our garden. Especially in spring. Here is a haiku I made up about spring:

New buds opening,                             spring willow

Winters blanket washed away,

Time to start afresh.




I love to see all the blossoms on the trees falling down like soft colourful snow.

Our dog is so funny trying to catch all the petals as they are whirled away and around in the wind.

All the flowers in the flowerbeds have gone all different colours, it’s beautiful.

Everything goes green with life and joyfulness.

Wild flowers spring up everywhere and our garden is like a meadow.

All the children go out to play and run around with energy and exuberance.


Bouncy Bouncy Trampoline


In the About Me section of my blog, I say that I like bouncing on my trampoline. And I do!

So I decided  I would tell you about it.  My brother and I have loved bouncing on trampolines ever since we got one for Christmas in 2009 when I was six.

Since then, that trampoline has been battered and ripped and torn so a few weeks ago we got a new one. This new one was a few feet bigger than the old one and had a non ripped enclosure!

Me and my brother started bouncing immediately. It was so much fun to bounce on a new trampoline!

Collage bouncy

Here are some photos of me on the new trampoline. It is epic!

Do you like bouncing? Tell me in the comments.

The Magic School Bus Books


magic school bus bookI have decided to write this post because I want people to know how great the Magic School Bus books are. I am usually reading one at breakfast and sometimes at lunch as well. These hilarious books are jam packed full of fun facts. Like in, Truth About Bats, did you know:  Bat guano is another name for bat poop! Bat guano can be used to make fertilizer for plants. Bat guano is rich in nitrogen, a chemical that helps plants grow. See fun facts! I have just finished  reading The Truth About Bats (possibly spilling some breakfast cereal on it in the process) and I would have never known any of the facts if I had not read that amazing book! There are other books in the series such as: Expedition Down Under, The Search for the Missing Bones, Space Explorers and Amazing Magnetism as well as many more.

me reading

Me reading Expedition Down Under

Well I hope that you like them as much as me be sure to say in the comments!

My Dog Harvey


For ages I had been nagging my mum and dad to get me a dog, and in May 2012 all my nagging paid off they agreed to get a dog. Of course this led to a lot of exited reserch about breeds and age and things. Finally in August 2012 we actually got him, we decided to name him Harvey. He was eight weeks old, very excitable and extremely cute! We went to puppy training classes, groomed and bathed him, and as a result, he has become very much a lap dog. He is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Here is a photo.

My Dog Harvey

He loves playing with toys and going on walks, as I am sure every puppy does. Here is a picture of him playing with his dragon.

Harvey chew toy

Hope you liked the post on my dog Harvey!


Hello everyone! As I am home schooled I get to do lots of great stuff that kids in school don’t get to do. Right now I am studying Japan for history. I am making a lapbook, and have done a painting…  Japanese style! I  used watered down ink and here is the result.

Japanese ink wash painting

The Undiscovered – Japanese ink wash painting

Also here is my lapbook so far.

Japan lapbook

My Lapbook

You can see I have done my name in Japanese, a small book on kites and an origami kimono girl. So it is obvious that I am enjoying doing this project. Also if you ever do Japan please send your comments!

My Project On Japan